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What does Workday do?
Who are Workday's customers?
Which stock exchange is Workday traded on and what is the company's ticker symbol?
When will earnings be announced?
How can I access Workday's earnings webcasts?
Where can I access Workday's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?
Do you have a direct stock purchase plan?
Who is Workday's transfer agent, and how can I contact them?
How can I purchase Workday's common stock?
Whom do I contact regarding lost certificates?
How do I get information on Workday shares that I own?
Does Workday pay a cash dividend?
When is Workday's fiscal year-end?
Who are Workday's independent accountants?
When was Workday founded?
When did Workday go public?
Where are Workday's corporate headquarters?
How can I contact Workday Investor Relations?