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Student admissions

Simplify student admissions and enrollment.

With Workday Student, you can streamline the student admissions process, identify challenges facing incoming students, and find prospects that reflect your institution’s profile of student success.

Access custom reports and favorite links in one system.

Understand application requirement status continually.

Quickly take action on admissions funnel.

Manage admissions with ease.

Configure requirements for the admissions process, then automatically or manually rank applicants.

  • Manage credentials, recommendations, writing samples, portfolios, and multimedia.
  • Assign applicants to cohorts and pools to balance workload for admissions counselors.
  • Provide admissions counselors with defined work areas to review applicant status.

Process applications faster.

Workday Student helps you collect, track, and manage the labor-intensive application and admissions process.

  • Capture critical data for the admissions funnel and enrollment trend reports.
  • Configure a custom, online admissions application to meet unique program of study requirements.
  • Allow students to complete admissions and financial aid requirements, pay the application fee, or make an enrollment deposit via the Workday Student external site.
  • Get results from a variety of test sources, such as ACT, SAT, AP, GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL.
  • Provide scheduled imports of application data and supporting materials with built-in Common Application integration.

Fill your seats with the right students.

Workday Student makes it easy to match your evaluation process to your acceptance policies and academic program types.

  • Define assessment criteria using specific eligibility rules.
  • Conduct holistic and ad hoc reviews and assign scores for academic readiness, demonstrated interest, and more.
  • See current and historical admissions data to assess progress and forecast outcomes.

Ensure accurate admissions decisions.

Use faceted reporting and institutionally defined criteria to render admissions decisions individually or en masse.

  • Set up safeguards to ensure applicants are notified of the right admissions decision.
  • Allow multiple lifecycle admissions and matriculation.
  • Send admissions notifications electronically or by mail.
  • Use admissions profile data to proactively advise students before they arrive on campus.