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Grants management

A single system for grants management.

Effortlessly handle the most complex grant requirements. With Workday Grants Management, you gain deep insight and control so you can easily manage your grant activity while staying compliant.

Track grant revenue, award budgets, effort certification, and more from a single dashboard.

View award expenditures in real time and control unallowable expenses.

Easily track grant award balance information.

Manage grants with ease.

Workday Grants Management is unified with the full suite of Workday applications, giving you a central location to automate the full post-award process.

  • Gain insight into your grant activity with multidimensional reports and analytics.
  • Improve compliance using our grants management audit capabilities.
  • Easily certify effort of principal investigators and other key personnel.
  • Ensure balanced accounting for awards spanning across your organization.
  • Determine facilities and administrative costs with a configurable calculation engine.