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Prism Analytics

Support your organization with actionable insights and data.

Provide finance and HR with secure, self-service access to all of the data they need. With Workday Prism Analytics, you can empower everyone in your organization to build effective partnerships and deliver better business outcomes.

Prism Analytics dashboard

Drag and drop dimensions to create tables and charts.

Add filters to focus in on details.

Select from a wide range of data sources.

Export visualizations as Workday reports.

A single source of truth for workforce, financial, and operational data.

  • Connect any data source using a range of options, including our API and iPaaS connectors.
  • Govern data and centrally manage permissions using Workday security.
  • Automatically adapt permissions when organizational changes occur.
  • See how datasets are connected with detailed data lineage.


Greater data accuracy and control through automation.

Now you can stop manually blending, transforming, and preparing data for analysis. Workday empowers you to integrate any data source and automate manual processes and calculations.

  • Use a familiar and robust function library to parse, filter, and aggregate data.
  • View dataset joins, unions, and more, as well as how data has been transformed.
  • Visualize trends by profiling dimensions and fields; get a tabular preview of data as it’s being prepared.
  • Ensure accuracy by sampling whole rows of data before publishing.


A single security model for governed, self-service access.

Empower your people to see the data that’s relevant to them, while ensuring that they have permission to view.

  • Eliminate the risk associated with maintaining multiple security models.
  • Distribute personalized reports and visualizations to all ends of the enterprise.
  • Surface Workday Prism Analytics data sources in dashboards and scorecards, just like Workday reports.
  • Quickly analyze and iterate on data before publishing insights to the entire organization.